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How to set up an automatic email response for Completed Quotes.
How to setup an automatic email response for quotes that don't generate rates.
How do I add First Name, Last Name, or Email Address to the initial Welcome Screen?
How to create a customized email in Spanish to be sent to those online prospects that use the Spanish interface.
Creating customized verbiage for Spanish email responses 
How do I customize the Welcome Email?
How do I activate AgencyBuzz in eTurboRater?
What are Email Responses?
When do I receive emails with information about quotes?
Describes when an agency receives emails from TurboRater for Websites during the quoting process 
Have quote notifications emailed to multiple email addresses?
Setup for multiple emails to receive quote notification 
How do I add an image to my email response?
Adding an image to email sent to your customers. 
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