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Last Update : 2017/06/16
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What are Email Responses?

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Email Reponses are pre-written emails that can be automatically sent when a prospect enters their quote information.  Quote Responses are a powerful tool used to automate the process of marketing your agency.  These follow-up emails can be used in a multitude of ways, including listing the reasons a person should do business with your agency, providing your contact information for future reference, list your hours of business, and more.  These emails also give your prospect the personal assurance that their quote information was received.

A total of two emails can be sent to each prospect.

  1. A Welcome email is sent when the online visitor enters their email address into TurboRater for Web Sites and starts a quote. 
  2. Then one of the following emails can be sent after the quote process is completed:
    • Completed Quotes - sent to all prospects that receive a rate.
    • Quotes without a Rate - sent to those individuals that were not able to receive a rate. This email can be used to explain to your online prospect that additional information needs to be obtained before you are able to provide a quote. (A prospect will not receive a quote if the information they enter does not meet the criteria of the companies you rate. For example, if your online prospect enters more tickets than your carriers will accept, a rate will not be provided.)

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