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Describes when an agency receives emails from TurboRater for Websites during the quoting process
Last Update : 2017/06/16
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Question / Issue
When do I receive emails with information about quotes?

Answer / Solution

You may receive emails about your prospective TurboRater for Websites customers at a few points during the quoting process.

1) Once the user completes the rating process, you will receive an email that contains the rated quote information.

2) If the user stops the quoting process at the driver page (after the general information page, before the car page) by closing the browser, you will receive an email stating that a user started a quote that was not completed, and the email will contain the information that has been entered.

3) If the user clicks the "Contact Me" button next to a carrier's quote, you will receive an email telling you that they wish to be contacted. The email will contain information about the user and the quote.

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