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How do I add a new company or remove companies from a company group to be rated?
How to add to or modify company groups 
What are the restricted Access Levels that can be set on any type of user?
User Access levels in TurboRater 
How do I turn on or off the Quote Auto Save option?
How to enable Auto Save 
How do I turn on/off agency report card?
Agency Report Card 
I have a firewall or antivirus software, is there information available that I can use to prevent blocking of a connection for updates or credit scoring?
How do I restrict a user from printing an auto insurance card or binder?
What type of program access does each of the user types have and what are the labels for the different types of users?
User Access Roles in TurboRater 
I have locked myself out of TurboRater. How do I get my user account unlocked?
What formats are available for the Performance Reports?
A list of the various type of formats performance reports are available in 
What is the Overview Report?
Description of the Overview Reports 
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