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How to add to or modify company groups
Last Update : 2017/12/21
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Question / Issue
How do I add a new company or remove companies from a company group to be rated?

Answer / Solution

NOTE: Administrator or allowed access is required to view/edit companies.

To view/edit the companies in your current company group:

  1. Go to the Administration menu at the top of the screen and select Edit Companies.
    • Select the line of business you wish to edit.
    • You may also select if you want to view all or only active carriers
  2. To turn off a company or companies:
    • Uncheck the box to the left of the company name in the Active column.
    • Once you have unchecked all of the companies that you wish to deactivate, click on the Save Changes button.
    • To exit the screen, click on the Exit Administration button.
  3. To add a company:
    • Put a checkmark next to each company you wish to add.
    • Be sure to enter the required information for the carrier
    • When you have added all of the companies of your choice, click on the Save Changes button.
    • To close the screen, click on Exit Administration.


  • If you have more than just one Company Group set up, you will then need to:

      • Go to the Administration menu and select List Company Groups.
      • Click on the Edit button next to the group you want to add/removed companies for.
      • Note: This requires Agency Admin level access.


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