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User Access Roles in TurboRater
Last Update : 2021/03/31
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Question / Issue
What type of program access does each of the user types have and what are the labels for the different types of users?

Answer / Solution

Users and  Access Roles:

  1.  Agency Admin:
    • Has the highest rights level assigned to a user within an agency.
    • An Agency Admin can:
      • Create,modify, and delete users and locations within the agency,
      • Perform all reports with a scope of the entire agency.
      • Store and retrieve all quotes for the agency.
  2. Location Admin:
    • Can modify their user information or any users within the agency that have Standard User rights level.
    • Can perform all reporting actions with a scope the location to which they have been assigned.
    • Can store and retrieve all quotes.
  3. Region Admin:
    • Similar to Location Admin but with restrictions, including:
      • Can only see quotes from their assigned location(s).
      • Cannot add or edit locations.
      • Can only see company groups assigned to them or their location(s).
      • Can only see or edit users assigned to their location(s).
  4. Standard User:
    • Only has the ability to modify their own user information.
    • Store and retrieve all quotes.
  5. Restricted User:
    • Only has the ability to store/retrieve all quotes.


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