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How do I turn on or off the Quote Auto Save option?
How to enable Auto Save 
How do I activate Homeowner rating in TurboRater?
How to Activate Homeowner Rating 
How do I deactivate Reliant’s Fee for Service Program?
How to Deactivate Reliant's Fee for Service Programs 
How to activate Combined Coverage
How do I turn on the Single Entry Screen?
How to activate AgencyBuzz in TurboRater
How to activate AgencyBuzz in TurboRater 
How to activate Samba/ADR (Samba Safety/American Driving Record) MVR integration
Samba/ADR setup 
How do I activate and quote Assurant Health Care in TurboRater?
How do I activate CoreLogic Replacement Cost Valuation (formerly known as MSB)?
How to activate the CoreLogic Property Valuation feature 
Disable a User (to remove a user’s TurboRater access or free a space for a new user)
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