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How to Activate Homeowner Rating
Last Update : 2017/12/14
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How do I activate Homeowner rating in TurboRater?

Answer / Solution

How to Activate Homeowner Rating:

An Agency Admin can activate homeowner rating on a per user basis.


This can be done by:

1. Go to the Administration menu and select List Users.

2. Edit the selected user’s profile and check Homeowner Rating.

3. The user will now have multiple options after choosing New Quote from the Quote menu(ie, Auto, Home, Motorcycle, depending on which was selected).


To activate a homeowner company to quote:


1) Click on Edit Companies under the Administration menu.

2) Then select Home for the Insurance Line

3) Place a check mark next to the company name(s). 

4) Be sure to enter your producer code, username, and password for the companies you wish to rate. 

5) Then click Save Changes.

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