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Last Update : 2020/04/12
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How do I setup and manage my agents/CSRs/users?

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To access the Agent Setup Screen and set up your agents/CSRs/users:

Note: You cannot add information about a client until there is at least one agent added in your list of Insurance Companies

  1. From the Agency Settings dropdown menu from the Tool bar at the top of the screen, select Manage Agents.
  2. Click on Add a new Agent from the Options area of the screen. If you created users but forgot what password was set click on Edit Agent Info then type in a new password.
  3. Enter the name, address, phone numbers and other information about the agent in the specified entry fields.
  4. The User ID and Password are unique to the agent.
  5. Commission % or Flat Fee entry will allow you to automatically calculate the agent's commission as a percentage of the Agency commission or apply a flat fee.
  6. Set up Agent access rights to Insurance Pro by selecting items from the Permissions tab.
  7. Set location(s) that the agent will have access to by going to the Locations tab. Move location(s) from All Locations to Assigned Locations by using the arrows in the middle.. Be sure to also set the Default Location.
  8. If you are a TurboRater or EZLynx user go to the Integration tab and place your user name that you use to log in to the rater in the appropriate field.


NOTE: At least one of the agents MUST have access to the Manage Agents screen (Allow Agency Setup must be checked).


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