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Show the users currently using InsurancePro
Last Update : 2012/08/30
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Viewing Current Users

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To view the users that are currently logged in and using your InsurancePro system, you may click on the toolbar's "Online Storage" -> "View Current Users" menu.  This will display a list of all users currently using one of your InsurancePro licenses.  This screen is also available when a user attempts to log in when there are no available licenses.

The data fields are:

  1. Time of login
  2. InsurancePro login - If you currently do not have logins required, please consider this to help protect your data.
  3. Location - The location selected when logging in.
  4. OS Login - The domain and the name of the user logged into Windows.
  5. Computer - The name given to the computer

You may right click on a row and a menu will display giving you the ability to export the data to Excel or to log off the selected user.

You may want to log off a selected user when you forgot to close InsurancePro on your home PC before you left to work.  When you log off a user, please allow 5 minutes for the user to be forced to log off of InsurancePro.

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