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Last Update : 2013/08/13
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How do I process downloads inside Insurance pro?(Ivans software already installed on the computer)

Answer / Solution

To Download and Process Policy Transactions:

·         From the Download/Bridge menu, select Run Download Session.



·         Select Yes to process downloaded files.



·         Select OK to accept C:\AIDown as the download folder.

NOTE:  If you also use Team Up, Progressive or any other Transfer Manager that puts files in the AIDown folder, those files will process at this time as well.



·         Select OK.


Processing the Downloaded Transactions.


InsurancePro automatically matches the downloaded policy transactions to existing clients in InsurancePro by matching the policy number and/or client name. If a match is not found, you have the ability to manually associate the policy transaction to an existing customer. Otherwise, InsurancePro will create a new policy for any unmatched transactions.


To view transactions that were not matched with existing policies, click on Auto Select. All transactions that were not matched will be unchecked.


To avoid duplicates please reference this frequently asked question: Click here



Once you have completed your selections, click on Upload Selected in to InsurancePro button to process the selected transactions and upload them in to InsurancePro.


Note: Selecting “Upload Selected in to InsurancePro” will incorporate the policy transactions into your InsurancePro database. This process cannot be undone.



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