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ACORD Forms Use In InsurancePro
Last Update : 2013/08/02
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ACORD Forms Overview

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ACORD Forms Overview

Client Summary Screen ACORD Forms

Working with ACORD Forms within InsurancePro is now easier than ever!  Many of the available ACORD Forms in InsurancePro are now prefilled.  Older forms may not be prefilled. From the new ACORD Forms interface you can:

  1. Add an ACORD Form to favorites (select an ACORD Form by left clicking on the row of the form and right click and select "Add to Favorites")
  2. Open an ACORD Form for editing for the open client (double click the row of the form or select an ACORD Form by left clicking and then clicking the "Select" button below)
  3. Sort ACORD Forms
  4. Group ACORD Forms
  5. Filter/Search for ACORD Forms


  1. Most carriers support the XFD/XFDL format that the form is stored in.  Check with your carrier to determine if they accept this format before emailing the form to the carrier.
  2. Few policy owners will be able to view this format.  To email this form to a policy owner in a format that they can view, we suggest that you print the form to a PDF file.  Many PDF file printers are available for you to install on your computer (some of them are free).  You can use this method for carriers that do not wish to use the XFD/XFDL format.
  3. Once a form is open please take a look at the link under Related FAQ's or click on the following link: Internal ACORD Form Viewer 

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