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Last Update : 2009/12/02
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How do I set up InsurancePro system defaults and restrictions?

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To set up InsurancePro system defaults and restrictions:

  1. From the Main Menu screen, select Options.
  2. Click on Setup Default Options.
  3. This screen allows you to select options to:
    • Allow Administrators to change/process reconciled transactions - allows admins to change payments or checks even after they have been reconciled.
    • ONLY Administrators can void payment - all non-administrator users will not be able to void payments.
    • Ask for entering Down Payment - this will set the program to ask the user to enter down payment information after a new policy is added as Active.
    • Record checks for received payments without asking CSR - this sets the program to automatically enter a check for received payments without asking the user.
    • Also print Agent's corpy of payment Receipt - this will set the program to print 2 copies of every receipt on the same page, one for the client and one for the agency.
    • Add printed letters & received payments to Mail Log - this sets the program to automatically add a mail log entry every time a letter is printed.
    • Automatically enter new clients in Contact Manager - this will set the program to automatically add each new client in the Contact Manager.
    • Hide Commissions & Reports from non-Admin Users - this will set the program to not display the commission and fees when a policy is being viewed by a non-admin user.
      • NOTE: if this option is selected, for non-admin users, the Daily Transaction reports will only show their own transactions and will not be able to view other users transactions.
    • Allow having a secondary agent on a policy - allows entry of 2 agents for the same policy.
    • Restrict Agents to single location - this will allow you to restrict agents so that they will be able to view and work with only one location's data.  Enabling this option will allow you assign a particular location to an agent in the Agent Setup screen.
    • Save Scanned Images in the following directory: - this allows you to specify where you want to save scanned images and attached files (the default path is C:\InsurancePro Remote\Images).

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