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Last Update : 2020/11/19
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Basic customizations for new Consumer Rater.

Answer / Solution

The new TurboRater for Websites Consumer Rater has different CSS customizations available than the old one. The biggest difference is that it has a header and a footer. Here's information on how to customize or show the header and footer, and a few other customizations to start with.

Show header and footer:
header, footer {
display: block;

Change header and footer background color:
header, footer {
background-color: pink;

Change header and footer text color:
header > div, header > div > p { color: black; }
header a { color: blue; }

Colors (and background colors) can be named system colors like pink, hex values like #FF8D33 or RGB values like rgb(38, 55, 70)

Aside from that, there are common CSS elements on each “page” and it is pretty simple to change their appearance.

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