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unsuccessful attempt to bind a GAINSCO policy
Last Update : 2020/06/26
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Question / Issue
Potential reasons a GAINSCO policy will not bind online.

Answer / Solution

There may be occasions a policy cannot be bound online and therefore must be processed manually or written through another carrier. Sometimes this may be due to underwriting rules (ie, the carrier rejects coverage), and sometimes this may be because the real-time communication link between ITC and GAINSCO has failed (a server stops responding, the Internet connection hiccups, etc.).  Sometimes a policy cannot be bound online because the consumer's payment method is declined.

When one of these situations happens and ITC is unable to get confirmation from GAINSCO that the policy is, in fact, bound, we cancel the process, display a message saying that the policy could not be bound, and tell the consumer to contact the agent.

When that happens, you will receive an email with the subject "Unsuccessful attempt to bind policy with [Carrier Name] using TurboRater for Websites." Included in that email is the reason the policy could not be bound. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to manually process the policy with the consumer.

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