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How to activate online binding for Traders MAJESTIC
Last Update : 2018/05/22
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Traders - MAJESTIC: Activate Consumer Bind Online (available in MO)

Answer / Solution

Note: If this is the first carrier you wish to set up Consumer Online Binding for, please visit How to activate Consumer Bind Online Services for TurboRater for Websites.

After you have activated the Bind Online services in TurboRater for Websites, you will need to follow the instructions below to activate it for Traders Majestic in Missouri: Contact Traders to obtain a bind online username and password.

  1. Contact your Traders marketing representative to obtain a Bind Online producer code, user name and password. Please note, this will be unique to Binding Online and will not be the same as your existing producer code, user name and password.
  2. Obtain a merchant account with TranzPay.  More information about TranzPay and how to obtain a merchant account with them can be found here - http://www.itcdataservices.com/support/ecmpfaq/afmmain.aspx?faqid=393.
  3. Activate Traders for BOL in your TurboRater for Websites' company group.
    • Edit your TurboRater for Websites' company group in TurboRater
    • Place a checkmark next to Trader Majestic (if not already active). 
    • Enter your Traders BOL producer code and password
    • Select Additional Information > Consumer Binding and check "Activate Consumer Binding through TurboRater for Websites"

This should complete the setup of Traders Majestic online binding.  To ensure everything is working, we recommend you visit your TurboRater for Websites site, enter a quote, and verify a "Buy Now" button appears next to Traders quote.

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