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How to set up a merchant account for Consumer Bind Online
Last Update : 2020/08/05
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How to get set up with a TransPay Merchant Account to take Credit Card Payments for Consumer Bind Online

Answer / Solution

A merchant account with TransPay is required for agents who wish to offer Consumer Bind Online through TurboRater for Websites with certain carriers. 

When the consumer purchases the policy online, the full down payment and, if applicable, agency fee, is deposited into the agency's account from TranzPay. 

Then the carrier will simply sweep the agent's account for the down payment.

Getting a merchant account with TransPay is easy, simply contact TransPay, request a merchant account application, complete and return it and you could be up and running in as little as 2 days.

Once your account is set up with TransPay, an ITC online binding specialist will contact you to complete the Buy Now setup process.



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