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Last Update : 2018/09/19
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Dairyland BOL deactivated effective 10/1/2018

Answer / Solution

Note:  If this is the first carrier you wish to set up Consumer Online Binding for, please visit  How to activate Consumer Bind Online Services for TurboRater for Websites.

After you have activated the Bind Online services in TurboRater for Websites, you will need to follow the instructions below to activate it for Dairyland in AZ, CA and/or TX:

  1. Dairyland requires you to obtain a Bind Online producer code and password.  To get these, download and complete Dairyland's Bind Online Request form.
  2. Fax the completed form to Dairyland at (715) 346-7266 or DairylandAgentSupport@sentry.com.
  3. Upon receipt of our Dairyland Bind Online producer code and password, access the TurboRater for Websites admin console.
  4. Click on the Companies tab
  5. Activate Dairyland by checking the Active box next to their name.
  6. Click Edit Info and enter your Bind Online producer code and password.
  7. Then click Additional Info, click on the Binding tab, and check "Allow Online Binding"
  8. Repeat these steps for each state you wish to activate Dairyland's Consumer Online Binding process in.
  9. Then click Save Changes.

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