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How the Consumer Bind Online process works with Dairyland Insurance Company.
Last Update : 2018/09/19
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Dairyland: How the Consumer Bind Online Process Works (available in AZ, CA & TX) / Deactivated 10/1/18

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When activated, a consumer can purchase a Dairyland policy directly from your website through TurboRater for Websites.

How the process works:

  • When Dairyland's rates are displayed, the consumer will see a "Buy Now" button.
  • Clicking on the Buy Now button will take the consumer to the Application page.
  • Here, the consumer will confirm information they entered on the quote as well as be prompted to enter additional information required such as they will be required to enter their full drivers license number and VINs for all vehicles to be insured and so on.
  • When the application is complete and the consumer clicks next, the application information is sent to Dairyland.
  • On receipt of the application information, Dairyland may run some underwriting reports such as an undisclosed household driver and vehicle report and a motor vehicle report.
  • Based on the information provided on the underwriting reports, the consumer may be asked to answer additional questions.
  • Once the application is completed and any and all questions prompted by the underwriting reports are answered, ITC then sends the updated application information to Dairyland and requests an updated quote as things may have changed from the intial quote.  For example, the consumer may have added additional drivers or vehicles or undisclosed violations may discovered on the motor vehicle report. 
  • If for some reason the risk becomes unacceptable, for example if the motor vehicle report comes back with too many violations, a message will be displayed to the consumer advising them to contact you the agent to complete the process.  At the same time, we notify you by email that the policy could not be completed online.  This gives you an opportunity to reach out to the consumer as well.
  • If the risk is still acceptable, Dairyland will provide us with the updated quote and the pay plan options available.
  • The consumer then elects the pay plan of their choice.
  • The consumer is then prompted for their payment information and clicks submit.
  • If the payment is approved, a proof of auto insurance card and a binder will be displayed for the consumer to print immediately if they so choose.
  • In addition, the policy documents, including proof of insurance, will be emailed to the insured.
  • At this time, Dairyland will generate an email to the insured to obtain electronic signatures if necessary. 
  • If the consumer does not provide the required esignatures, the policy will be set for cancellation.
  • Once the policy is successfully bound, ITC will notify you via email.


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Dairyland BOL deactivated effective 10/1/2018

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