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How to pass data to TurboRater for Websites
Last Update : 2023/08/28
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Question / Issue
What fields / parameters can be passed to TurboRater for Websites via a query string?

Answer / Solution


You can pass the following data to TurboRater for Websites via a query string. Unless otherwise noted, these options are available only for auto quotes.

Parameter Name
 Description  Type  Max Length  Example  Notes
 partner  Partner/Lead Source  string  100  Sky  See FAQ; available in auto and property quotes.
 fname  First Name  string  100  AnMarie  
 lname  Last Name  string  100  Testing  
 email  email  string  150  anmarie@test.com  
 cph  cell phone  string  15  800-383-3482  


 work phone  string  15  972-820-1162  Available on legacy version only.
 hph  home phone  string  15  214-123-4567  Available on legacy version only.
 ad1  address1  string  100  1415 Halsey Way  
 ad2  address2  string  100  Suite 314  
 cty  city  string  100  Carrollton  
 st  state  string  2  TX  
 zip  zip  string  20  75007  
 dob  date of birth  string  50  07/01/1980  mm/dd/yyyy
 gen  gender  char  10  M  M, F
 mstat  marital status  char  20  M  M, S, D, E, W
 nopd  Hide physical damage entries  boolean    true See FAQ
 clearsession  Clears out the session information  boolean    true  ?clearsession=true
 LocationGUID  Location  string    8t9Pb6UnLqZZzmQeTcq0wCf2_
 Pass the Location GUID that is retrieved from the
Company Groups tab in TFW admin console.
 m  Marketing number/code  string  30  AZ-E-01524  Available in auto and property quotes.
 ph  Agency phone number  string  255  1-800-123-1234  If the Agency contact info is displayed, this will overwrite the default phone number of the agency.
 lang  Language  string  5  en-us  Use en-us for English, es-mx for Spanish
 defaultMake  The vehicle make  string  25  Honda  This will set a default make of the vehicle when the year is selected
 miles  The Vehicle annual miles  integer  50    12000
 sr22  Named Insured SR-22  string  5  TRUE  true, false
 vin  The Vehicle VIN  string  17  1HGCR2E7-E  Can be a 10 character or 17 character VIN. This will the 1st vehicle to this VIN if the VIN is found.


Example URL (2019 version):

https://[include your specific Agency Site Link ID here].quotes.iwantinsurance.com/auto?partner=Sky&fname=AnMarie&lname=Testing&email=anmarie%40test.com&cph=800-383-3482&wph=972-820-1162&hph=214-123-4567&ad1=1415 Halsey Way&ad2=Suite 314&cty=Carrollton&st=TX&zip=75007&dob=07%2F01%2F1980&gen=M&mstat=M&nopd=true&clearsession=true

Example URL (legacy version):

https://16703b91-3136-4582-845a-30b5365b4b91.quotes.iwantinsurance.com/welcome.aspx?partner=Sky&fname=AnMarie&lname=Testing&email=anmarie%40test.com&cph=800-383-3482&wph=972-820-1162&hph=214-123-4567&ad1=1415 Halsey Way&ad2=Suite 314&cty=Carrollton&st=TX&zip=75007&dob=07%2F01%2F1980&gen=M&mstat=M&nopd=true&clearsession=true


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