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Last Update : 2018/01/16
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How do I resize TurboRater for Websites to run in an iFrame?

Answer / Solution

The minimum size TurboRater for Websites was designed and tested for is 750px.  

However, if desired, the width can be set to be smaller, but if you if you do this we strongly advise that you test every screen on every browser to make sure it functions properly.

  1. To change the width, access the TurboRater for Websites admin console
  2. Go to the Design tab.
  3. Enter the following text under the Normal tab.

    .AgencyContactContainer { display : none; }
    .StepSubContentContainer { padding-left : 0px; }
    body { min-width : 450px; }
    .CarDetailContainer { width : 400px; }
    .CarDetailListContainer {overflow:scroll;}

  4. Change the width in the body and the .CarDetailContainer class to the desired width
  5. Then click Save Changes


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