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How to track referrals to your TurboRater from Websites from other websites
Last Update : 2021/09/28
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Question / Issue
How to pass a lead source value via a query string on a URL.

Answer / Solution

For those agents that allow affiliate businesses to include a link on their website back to their TurboRater for Websites, you can easily track the referral link by including the lead source in the URL you provide to the affiliate.

  1. Enter the lead source name in TurboRater for Websites
  2. Enter the exact same lead source name in TurboRater (Note:  the text and spacing for the lead source in TurboRater MUST be exactly as it is entered in TurboRater for Websites)
  3. Provide the URL to your TurboRater for Websites with "?partner=[leadsourcename]"

As an example, if you want to track prospects that come to your TurboRater for Websites' page from a link posted on Joe's Car Dealership website, you can create a lead source named "JoesCarDealership" in TurboRater for Websites and TurboRater.  Then simply provide the following URL to Joe to put on his website:

Legacy version:

https://[include your specific Agency Site Link ID here].quotes.iwantinsurance.com/welcome.aspx?partner=JoesCarDealership


2019 version:

https://[include your specific Agency Site Link ID here].quotes.iwantinsurance.com/auto?partner=JoesCarDealership

Note:  The lead source question does not have to be visible for this feature to work. 


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