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Last Update : 2015/08/16
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Question / Issue
How to specify a specific user and location for the quotes to be assigned to.

Answer / Solution

How to assign your TurboRater for Websites to a specific user :

  1. Login to the TurboRater for Websites admin console
  2. Click on the Account Details tab
  3.  Under "Quote Storage User:" select the user you want to assign the quotes to.
  4. Click Save Changes

How to assign quotes to a specific location:

  1. Click on the Companies tab
  2. Under "Assign quotes to location" select the location you wish to assign your quotes to.

For reporting purposes, we recommend that you create a specific user and a specific location in TurboRater for your TurboRater for Websites quotes to be stored in.

How do I create a new user in TurboRater?

How do I create a new location in TurboRater?


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