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Last Update : 2018/01/16
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Question / Issue
How do I change the color of the current step on the Progress bar, and each row in the car, driver, or violation list that is currently selected?

Answer / Solution
  • Sign into the Admin Console at https://quotes.iwantinsurance.com/admin/agencycustomize.aspx
  • On the Design tab, choose which platform you wish to change the background color for by clicking on the appropriate tab - Normal (website), or Mobile.
  • Choose your background color. Supported colors can be found here: http://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_names.asp. Colors not listed here may or may not be supported.
  • In the Normal or Mobile tab, enter the following (replacing "pink" or "#FFC0CB" with the color of your choice.):
        .Selection { background-color: pink; }


        .Selection { background-color: #FFC0CB; }

  • If you wish to Preview your new color choice before making it live, click on the Preview button in the right bottom corner.

The result of this would be:


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