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Top 10 FAQs
How to set up an automatic email response for Completed Quotes.
How to setup an automatic email response for quotes that don't generate rates.
How do I add First Name, Last Name, or Email Address to the initial Welcome Screen?
How do I set up Google Analytics ?
Can I pass the UTM parameters for Google Analytics ?
What are Limit Packages?
How to pass a lead source value via a query string on a URL.
How to track referrals to your TurboRater from Websites from other websites
How to display or hide the agency logo and contact information panel on TurboRater for Websites.
How to display or hide the agency logo and contact information panel on TurboRater for Websites
What fields / parameters can be passed to TurboRater for Websites via a query string?
How to pass data to TurboRater for Websites
How to specify a specific user and location for the quotes to be assigned to.

Recently Added FAQs
Basic customizations for new Consumer Rater.
Limit Packages are out of line.
Limit packages line up fix
What companies offer the Bind Online service in Texas and what do I need to do to get setup for Bind Online with those companies?
Companies that Offer Bind Online in Texas
How do I activate BindOnline for AssuranceAmerica? (available in AL, AZ, FL, GA, IN, MO, SC, TX and VA)
Bind Online Process for AssuranceAmerica
First Chicago: Activate Consumer Bind Online (available in IL & IN)
Setup Bind OnLine for First Chicago
How to Add to or Modify Lead Sources.
Adding to or Modifying Lead Sources
How to hide the Previous button on the General Info Page.
Hiding the Previous button on the general info screen
How to enable tracking with Google Tags Manager when running TurboRater for Websites in an iframe.
Report on how many policies sold via Buy Now.
report on number of policies sold online
Potential reasons a GAINSCO policy will not bind online.
unsuccessful attempt to bind a GAINSCO policy

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