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Last Update : 2019/01/29
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How do I set up and install the Trexis bridge? (aka Alfa Vision and Specialty)

Answer / Solution
  1. To bridge to Trexis aka Alfa Vision and Specialty from TurboRater, click here to download the bridge file from their site.  
  2. Under the Producers section, click the Downloads link and select Download Bridge. 
  3. Select the state.
  4. Select ITC from the Select Rater field.
  5. Click Click here to get the Bridge 
  6. Before the download begins, you'll see additional instructions. Click the  click here link.    
  7. Once the download begins, a File Download box appears. Click Run to download and install the bridge file in one step.  
  8. Click the Run button on the Internet Explorer - Security Warning box to continue(you may have to wait for a security scan to complete).  
  9. Click Next the Welcome to the Alfa Bridge XX(state abbreviation) Setup Wizard 
  10. Click Next on the Select Installation Folder window.  
  11. Click Next the Confirm Installation window.   
  12. Enter your Trexis aka Alfa Vision producer code.  Once entered, press the Tab button on your keyboard, then click the Save button. (NOTE: For Producers its a 6 digit number, for Sub-producers its 8 digits).  
  13. Click Close at the Installation Complete window.  
  14. The bridge is now installed and you can bridge to Trexis aka Alfa Vision from TurboRater. 

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