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FAQ ID # 94
Basic Reports Excel export instructions.
Last Update : 2017/07/19
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Question / Issue
How do I export saved quotes to an Excel file?

Answer / Solution

Excel export of saved quotes:

NOTE: You must be a Location or Agency Admin to access this feature(or be given access by an admin).

  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Basic>Create New Report.
  2. Set a filter(s) of your choice, then add them so that you get the data you want.
  3. Go down to Report Type and then select Excel Report
  4. Select the from the available categories for your quote export.
  5. Now click on the Generate Report button at the bottom right of the screen to export the file.
  6. Depending on your settings, you may or may not be asked to save the file before opening it.  We recommend saving the files to your PC.

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