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Last Update : 2012/11/07
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What are Click to Rate Companies?

Answer / Solution

When quoting a "Click to Rate" company, you are actually pushing the quote information entered into TurboRater out to the carrier's website. 


On the Quote Comparison Screen, you will see Click to Rate appear next to the company's name. After clicking on Click to Rate, you will see a new browser window appear and you will witness the carrier's website being populated with the quote information gathered in TurboRater. If at any time the carrier is in need of additional information not entered in Turborater, you will be prompted to enter that information. Once the rating process has been completed on the carrier's side, you can elect to have the premium information to be pulled back into TurboRater so you can compare the rates with the other carriers.


**NOTE: You must have a username and password entered in the Company setup for each Click to Rate company in order to get a rate from their website.





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