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Agency Matrix Bridge Requirements
Last Update : 2021/04/01
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Question / Issue
Agency Matrix Requirement to Bridge to TurboRater

Answer / Solution

In order to bridge from Agency Matrix to TurboRater, setup is required on the Agency Matrix end.

In Agency Matrix:

  1. Click on Admin across the top.
  2. In the Set-Up accordion menu, click on Employee.
  3. Find the desired employee, then click the icon to the left of the employee.
  4. Scroll down to the Raters accordion menu and click it to open it.
  5. This table lists the logins for raters. Click on next to one to edit it; click on the top-right to add a new one.
  6. When adding or editing an option, select the rater name as "ITC TurboRater", the state you use, and then enter the username and password (used to log into TurboRater).
  7. Click at the bottom.

Once the setup above is complete, to bridge from Agency Matrix to TurboRater, find the "Rater" option next to a policy, then use Action > Rate to initiate the bridge.


Note: If you are using Chrome or Edge, the browser may not update correctly that the quote was imported if you were already logged into TurboRater. In this case:

  • Log out of TurboRater before perfoming the bridge, or
  • Refresh the TurboRater page after the bridge.


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