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FAQ ID # 636
AMsoft bridge setup.
Last Update : 2016/05/06
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Question / Issue
How do I setup bridge to AMsoft?

Answer / Solution

To setup the bridge to AMsoft you will need to have Agency Admin access. 

  1. Go to Administration menu
  2. Select List Agency Management Options
  3. Click on button that says Add New AMS Options
  4. Place a check mark in the box next to Amsoft
  5. In upper left corner give a name to this Agency Management Option like AMsoft. The name is a requirement.
  6. Click on the link to the right of AMsoft that says Additional Information.
  7. In the Setup window in the executable field you will need to set the drive letter and path to the ITCIMP.EXE file in your install directory for AMsoft. example C:\HCS\ITCIMP.EXE
  8. In the Output Directory Put a C: at the head of the Default Output Directory Field like this:  C:\ITC\[StateAbbreviation]CMP32\
  9. Select OK at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Hit Save at bottom of Agency Management Options Screen.
  11. Go back to Administration Menu and select List Locations.
  12. Click on Edit next to your location.
  13. At the bottom there is a dropdown labeled Agency Management Options. Select the new group you just created.
  14. Click on Submit at the bottom of the screen.

Ok now bring up a quote and go to comparison screen. 

  1. Click on bridge.
  2. You should now see AMsoft listed under Company name on the bridge screen.
  3. Click on AMsoft.
  4. Hit open file.
  5. That will open a screen a new screen.
  6. Click on Windows.
  7. That will a windows that Says Find ITC Windows.
  8. Click on Set ITC Path and point to C:\ITC\[State Abbreviation]32 and then click Get Files button.
  9. That will then list your bridged quote in the top box. (Step 10 will have to be set on each computer)
  10. Highlight your quote and click select.
  11. That will open another window.
  12. Set your options and hit continue.
  13. Close out previous screen and go into AMsoft.
  14. Search for Client and it is  there.


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