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FAQ ID # 581
Bankers Independent Bridging errors
Last Update : 2019/08/12
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Question / Issue
Bankers Independent Bridging Problems

Answer / Solution

When bridging to Bankers Independent, sometimes you might encounter an error such as this:

"An error occurred while posting quote data [HTTP/1.1 401 Authorization Required]"

To fix this, in TurboRater, go to the Administration menu and click on Edit Companies.  Now, find Bankers Independent in the list - they are only rating in VA.  Once you have them pulled up, click on Additional Info on the far right, and in the bridge path you will find this:

Company\babridge.exe /url=  /userid= /pass=

After the /USERID= they will need to enter the relevant information, the same for after /PASS=.  Make sure there are no spaces.  This should resolve the issue.

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