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FAQ ID # 465
Instar integration setup
Last Update : 2014/07/24
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Question / Issue
How do I set up integration in the INSTAR Agency Management system to bridge with TurboRater?

Answer / Solution

1)  You must log in to INSTAR as an Admin

2)  Go to the Main Menu and select Setup System

3)  Then on the submenu, select User.

4)  Click on the List the current users in the system button on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

5)  When the InStar Users window appears, highlight the user and then click on the OK button.

6)  Then under the Rating Integration section, click on the Rating Setup button.

7)  On the Users Setup - Rating Integration screen, click on the Edit button at the top.

8)  In the Rating Path entry field, enter C:\ICEPOC\INSTAR\

9)  In the Rating Integration section, select ITC in the Vendor entry field dropdown list.

10)  Also enter AL3 in the AL3 File Extension entry field.

11)  Then click on the Save button at the top of the screen.

12)  Repeat the above steps for all active users.


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