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Last Update : 2015/09/03
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Question / Issue
How do I know if I need to install a bridge for the companies I am appointed with?

Answer / Solution

Note: You must have an Administrator login to access this feature.

  1. Go to the Administration menu and select Edit Companies.
  2. This will take you to the Company Group list of Active Products that your login is associated with.
    • If you need to look at another Company Group list of companies:
      • Go to the Administration menu and instead select List Company Groups.
      • Click on the Edit button next to the company group name to display the list of active companies.
  3. The companies that have a blue circle with a question mark in the Bridge Help column, have a link to the FAQ for that company's bridge download and installation instructions. If a company has multiple programs, you will only need to download the bridge once.
  4. Those companies that do not have this help button either may not have a bridge or the bridge is automatically setup in TurboRater.
    • For the companies that are packaged with TurboRater, you will need to install the Integration Center, which installs an ICePOC folder to your C: drive.  Click here to install it now.  However, if you do not wish to install it now, there is also a link for the Integration Center on the Bridge Selection screen in TurboRater .
    • If no bridge exists for a company:
      • The Bridge link from the Comparison screen will be grayed out or the Bridge button from the Quote Breakdown will not bring up the Bridge Selection screen after clicking on it (we are working on adding a message for this).
        • OR  when you click on the Bridge button from the Quote Breakdown, the Bridge Selection screen will only display a link to your Agency Management software.

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