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FAQ ID # 213
Bridging from TurboRater to InsurancePro
Last Update : 2018/08/14
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Question / Issue
How do I bridge from TurboRater to InsurancePro?

Answer / Solution
  1. You must first have InsurancePro set up as your Agency Management program.  Click here to view the FAQ on this setup.
  2. Open and rate a quote.
  3. From the Comparison screen click on Select next to a company name to go to the quote Breakdown screen.
    • If you don't need the company specific details bridged, you can click on the Bridge link to the left of the company name from the Compariston screen.  Then select InsurancePro Remote.from the Bridge Selection screen that appears.

  4. From the Company specific quote breakdown, click on the Bridge button on the toolbar.
  5. Select InsurancePro.
  6. InsurancePro will then open.

** Please note - TurboRater Integration Center must be installed for the bridge to work

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