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FAQ ID # 199
How do I set up and install the Links bridge?
Last Update : 2019/06/26
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Question / Issue
How do I set up and install the Links bridge?

Answer / Solution

NOTE: After you install and are still getting the message that file still does not exist, that probably means you have a 64 bit operating system. Please make sure you read the end of these instructions to complete the bridge setup.


  1. You will need to download the bridge file to each computer from the Links website.
  2. Click here to access the website and download now (or on the link under Related Links below).
  3. When the Links Web page opens, click on the Producer LOGON button on the right side of the screen.
  4. You may have 2 separate windows appear.  You do not have to log in to download this file.  You can close either of the 2 open windows.
  5. Click on the: Click here if you need to download the latest version 2 comparative rater bridge in Texas link.
  6. On the next screen, click on the Download button.
  7. If you receive the Internet Explorer blocked site message, click on it and then select Download File.
  8. The File Download - Security Warning box will appear, click on Run.
  9. Once the  Internet Explorer - Security Warning box appears, click on Run.
  10. The Winzip Self-Extractor - Links_install[1].exe box will open.  We recommend that you leave the default option shown on the screen including the path to unzip the folder (C:\temp).
  11. Click on the Unzip button on the top right of the box.
  12. Once the files have been unzipped, you will receive a confirmation message, click on OK.
  13. The XImport Utility will begin. On the Welcome screen, click on Next.

  14. Click on Yes on the Software License Agreement screen.

  15. Click on Next on the Choose Destination Location screen. 




  16. Click on Next on the Select Program Folder screen.

  17. On the Setup Complete screen, click on Finish.   Then you can close any other browser windows related to Links Auto download.
  18. If you have a 64 bit operating system it will say that the bridge file is still not there. Please keep reading the rest of the instructions to complete the bridge setup. If you do not have a 64 bit operating system you will be able to bridge to Links and no further action is necessary.

    NOTE: If you are still getting a message that the bridge file is not there please do the following.

    1.    Open My Computer or Computer(for Vista or Windows 7).

    2.    Double click on your C: drive.

    3.    Double click on the folder named Program Files (x86).

    4.    Locate and highlight the folder named Ximport20.

    5.    Right click on the Ximport20 folder and select Copy.

    6.    Then click your Back button to go back to your C: drive.

    7.    Double click to open the Program Files folder this one will be the one that does not have the (x86).

    8.    Right click on an open area and choose Paste.

    9.    Close My Computer. You will now be able to bridge to Links from the ITC Comparative Rater.

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