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AMS360 Setup for TurboRater
Last Update : 2019/11/11
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Question / Issue
How do I set up, install and bridge with AMS360?

Answer / Solution

AMS 360 and ITC TurboRater Integration

Lines of Business (LOB) Supported: Personal Automobile

Integration Direction The rating certification supports a two-way integration between AMS 360 and ITC TurboRater. The user can export a policy from AMS 360 to TurboRater and/or export a quote from TurboRater to AMS 360. 

  1. Create an Agency Management Group
  2. From the Administration menu, choose List Agency Management Options.
  3. Click on the Add New AMS Options button.
  4. In the Agency Management Option Name, enter a descriptive name (i.e. AMS).
  5. Then place a check next to the appropriate Management System. 
  6. Click on Additional Information and verify your settings are the same as shown below. The Executable Name/URL:  C:\Program Files\AMS Services, Inc\AMS 360\EnterTheWeb.exe /al3=C:\ITC\AMS001.AL3. If agent is using 64-Bit PC use: C:\Program Files (x86)\AMS Services, Inc\AMS 360\EnterTheWeb.exe /AL3=C:\ITC\AMS001.AL3
    • Notes:  Assign the Agency Management Group to a User.
  7. From the Administration menu, click List Users.
  8. Edit each applicable user.
  9. Under Agency Management Options, select the Agency Management Group name you chose for AMS.

To set up multiple agency management options, please refer to

AMS 360 Personalization

In order to integrate AMS 360 and Web TurboRater, "ITC TurboRater" must be set up as an Integration Partner in AMS 360 on the workstation.

The Single Tran Import/Export screen will appear automatically when a quote has been successfully exported from TurboRater to AMS 360 or when a user chooses to export a policy from the AMS 360 Policy screen via "Toolbox" – "Integration" – "Export". Use Setup on the Single Tran Import/Export screen to create the Integration Partner association with "ITC TurboRater".

Single Transaction Import/Export Screen


Integration Partner Setup in AMS 360

Clicking on Setup will access the Integration Partner section of the User Options screen. Click New to establish "ITC TurboRater" as an Integration Partner. After the below fields are personalized as follows, click Add.

Vendor Type: Rating

Vendor: ITC TurboRater

Integration Type: Personal

Integration Directory: C:\ICePOC

Program Name: C:\ICePOC\TWEBrdg.exe C:\ICePOC\ams.al3 /BI=0111


Integration Workflow

AMS360 to TurboRater 

1. Export a policy from AMS 360 by clicking on the Export icon while in a policy or by selecting Toolbox, Integration, Export.

2. Select ITC Web TurboRater as the Vendor, and select the customer and policy if one has not already been prefilled. Click on [Export] at the bottom of the screen.

3. AMS 360 exports the policy (ams.al3) to the C:\ICePOC directory and calls the TWEBrdg.exe.

4. TurboRater launches & imports the policy data from AMS 360.

5. Rate policy in TurboRater.

For assistance with rating a policy in TurboRater, please refer to the online rating instructions.

TurboRater to AMS 360

1. Rate policy in TurboRater to create a Quote.

2. Select the quote from the desired carrier. Select the Bridge icon.

3. Click on "AMS AMS360 AL3 2.0" from the selection box.

4. TurboRater will export the quote and launch the AMS 360 Single Transaction Import function (the AMS 360 Login screen will appear if the user is not already logged into AMS 360). Type in login information if needed.

5. Complete the Single Tran Import screen as necessary, using online Help if needed. When completed, select [Import]. Once the quote has been imported successfully, AMS 360 will close and the user will return to Web TurboRater, if the user was not previously logged on. Vertafore, Inc. AMS 360 and Web TurboRater

AMS 360 Login Screen


AMS 360 Single Tran Import Screen


Integration Notes:

  • Since ACORD Codes do not exist for Passive Restraint or Anti-Lock Brake, the codes used by AMS 360 & TurboRater may not always match. Therefore, Passive Restraint and/or Anti-Lock Brake information will always need to be verified after any integration occurs. When a policy is first transferred from AMS 360 to TurboRater, use the symbol generator (on the year, make or model fields) to pull in the symbol, passive restraint & other information regarding the vehicle. Anti-lock brake requires manual entry. Once the quote is stored, the information will be retained in the quote. Please refer to the TurboRater on-line help for assistance.
  • Cell phone and email address do not bridge
  • ITC TurboRater has a limit of 6 Drivers and 6 Vehicles per Personal Auto policy
  • When bridging from AMS360 to TurboRater, you must already have TurboRater open and logged in. 

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