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Bridging from TurboRater to Agency Matrix
Last Update : 2022/10/17
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Question / Issue
How to set up the bridging auto quotes from TurboRater to Agency Matrix?

Answer / Solution

You must be an Admin to add the Agency Matrix bridge. Please have your Agency Matrix account # ready.

To set up bridging auto quotes from TurboRater to Agency Matrix:

  1. On the bottom-left, click on Admin Settings.
  2. Select List Agency Management Options.
  3. At left of agency management name, click Edit. If there is not one created yet, click on Add New AMS Option on the top-left then give it a name on the top-left.
  4. Find Agency Matrix in that list and set the checkbox on the left to ON.
  5. At right, click Additional Information.
  6. At the Account Number field, enter your Agency Matrix account #. 
    • If you do not know your account number, please contact Agency Matrix.
    • Make sure to enter only numbers; if the account number entered here has X or MX in it (or is incorrect), you may get the error "Request URL Too Long"
  7. Click OK at bottom of page.
  8. Click Save Options.
  9. Now edit your location profile(s) to include the Agency Management setup.
    1. On the bottom-left, click on Admin Settings, then on Locations.
    2. At the left of the location, click Edit.
    3. At the Agency Management Options drop-down, select Agency Matrix.
    4. Click Submit at page bottom.
    5. If you have more than one location, repeat for each location. Then click Exit Administration.
  10. To exit the Administrative setup, click Exit Administration button in the middle or top right of the screen.

The bridge is now set up. When rating and bridging to a carrier, the option to bridge to Agency Matrix will show up as a hyperlink, below the bridge to the carrier.


There are also some settings that need to be set in Agency Matrix: you can find those here.

For information on bridging from Agency Matrix to TurboRater, click here.

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