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FAQ ID # 1006
Entering United Insurance Group Credentials in to TurboRater
Last Update : 2020/12/30
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Question / Issue
Entering United Insurance Group Credentials in to TurboRater

Answer / Solution

Please note - Their credentialing for rating and bridging is a little weird, because of their homegrown policy management system called Insurepass. All our teams need to know is how the credentials work with our system.

The Agent may call in and say that United is broken and that their credentials are correct for what they use to login with United. This is actually correct Statement. Their producer code/user name and password they use to log into the system will not work to rate/bridge in TurboRater. The agent will use the number that is associated with their producer code. It their producer code is Jared53 - use 53.


If this does not work and information is entered correctly, please refer to Jeff cutler at (801)494-8035.

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