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quote template default/setup
Last Update : 2020/06/25
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Question / Issue
What do the new quote template options mean?

Answer / Solution

When setting up a quote template, Agent has the option to set a quote entry to: Show / Show Blank and Required / Hide in Additional Attributes.

Please see explanation below:

1) Show -

  • Entry will remain in the main attribute screen
  • These entries can be defaulted as desired

2) Show Blank and Required -

  • Corresponding entry will display in main quote section
  • The entries cannot have a defaulted selection
  • Agent will be required to answer the attribute before they can rate the quote

3) Hide in Additional Attributes -

  • This option will move the desired entry into the Additional Attributes section
  • These entries can be defaulted as needed

Please see video below that will walk through quote template setup process:

Customize Rating Fields with Quote Templates

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