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How to set up Two-Factor Authentication
Last Update : 2021/01/25
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How do I set up two-factor authentication?

Answer / Solution

What is 2FA?

2FA, or two-factor authentication, is an extra layer of security that requires a second form of authentication on top of username & password. This extra piece of information is something that only the user will have so it increases the security of a user's account greatly.

How do I set up two-factor authentication?

First you have to activate 2FA for your Agency.

  1. Log into TurboRater as an agency administrator.
  2. Click on the "Administration-->Edit Current Agency Info" menu item.
  3. Click the checkbox next to "Enable Two-Factor Authentication".
  4. Set the value of "Remember Two-Factor Authentication" according to your preferences.
    1. Require Each Login: users that have two-factor authentication activated will have to enter the 2FA code on every login.
    2. Allow Remember: users that have two-factor authentication activated will have to enter the 2FA code on the first login. 
      After that they have the option of having the system remember who they are on this combination of browser and device.
  5. Click the Submit button.

Next, each user needs to set up 2FA on their TurboRater accounts:

  1. Log Into TurboRater
  2. Go to Administration > "Edit Current User Info"*.
  3. Click checkbox next to Two-Factor Authentication.
  4. Enter the phone number where you want to receive the authentication notifications.
  5. Select Text or Call for the method of notification.
  6. Click Verify.
  7. You will receive a text message or a phone call with the verification code. Enter that verification code in the field and click Verify Code.
  8. From there, you can choose to continue using the text/call method for verification every time you log in, or you can use Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile.
  9. If you no longer wish to use two-factor authentication, just uncheck the box and it will be turned off.

*If the Administration menu is not there, or the Edit Current User Info isn't there, this will need to be done by either an Agency Admin or a Location Admin.

Logging into TurboRater with 2FA

Now that 2FA is all setup, your login experience will be more secure.  After you type in your id and password as usual, you are presented with the Two-Factor Authentication screen.  If you setup a mobile app to assist with 2FA, open it now and collect your authentication code.  Otherwise click one of the links at the bottom to send you a text message or phone call containing your authentication code.

  1. Now type in your authentication code in the entry labeled Authentication code.
  2. If your agency has enabled the "remember browser" feature of 2FA, you can click this checkbox if you wish. When clicked, TurboRater will remember you on this computer and browser and will not ask you for 2FA after this login.  If you leave it unchecked you will be presented with the 2FA process on every login.
  3. Click the Verify button.

You're done! 2FA is setup and you're ready to use it.

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