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How to activate AgencyBuzz in TurboRater
Last Update : 2016/05/27
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Question / Issue
How to activate AgencyBuzz in TurboRater

Answer / Solution

To activate AgencyBuzz in TurboRater:

  1. You have to be logged into TurboRater as an Agency Administrator. 
  2. Once you are logged in, go to the Preferences area under the Gear menu, and select Agency on the left side. 
  3. Now select the AgencyBuzz icon - the one with the mega-phone on it. 
  4. From here, enter your User ID and Password for AgencyBuzz.  Now, hit the Save button, and then hit the Close button. 

Now you should have an AgencyBuzz button on the quote page - it will be the last button on the right, after Print. This button will allow you to manually export quotes to AgencyBuzz.

To learn more about the options for exporting quotes to AgencyBuzz, including Auto Export, click here.

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