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Last Update : 2018/10/23
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Question / Issue
How do I add a new location to TurboRater?

Answer / Solution

You must be an Admin to add a new location. If the system does not allow you to add a location, contact

To add a new location:

  1. Hover over Administration and select Add New Location.
  2. Complete the required fields which are indicated by an asterisk *.
    • At Description, enter a name to identify the location; like the city or street. This is not printed on any documents shared with prospects.
    • At Agency Name, enter the name to be displayed on documents shared with prospects.
    • At Company Groups, select the company group that includes the company producer codes and logins for this location (a location must have its own company group if the location has their own producer codes for the companies, so create a company group if necessary, then set it here).
  3. At page bottom, click Submit.
  4. Click Exit Administration.

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