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Last Update : 2013/09/13
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How do I create a Company Grouping that will allow me to only rate certain companies?

Answer / Solution

There may be situations during the quote process that you wish to only rate a set of the companies instead of all of your companies.  For example, if you know the risk is not going to be a good fit for your preferred carriers, you may wish to only quote your non-preferred carriers.  The Company Selection configuration feature allows you to group carriers and then during the quote process you can quickly choose to only rate the carriers assigned to a specific group.

Company Selection Configurations:

  1. On the Rating/Scoring tab in the Company Selection area, select a Rate Option for each company:
    • Full Rate - rate with credit score ordered.
    • Assumed Rate - rate using the selection from either the Insurance Score entry field from the Policy tab or the credit level selected from the Company Questions screen (if available).
    • Don't Rate - rate without a credit score ordered.  Note: some companies will not rate without a credit scored ordered.  Most Real-Time rating companies will not rate without a credit score ordered.
  2. Once you have selected the Rate Option for each company, type in a name for this configuration in the Configuration Name entry field at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on Save Configuration on the right side of the entry field.
  4. You will then see this new configuration name listed in the Select company grouping dropdown list. 


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