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Quote Template Selection
Last Update : 2018/07/31
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Question / Issue
How to Change a quote template during the quoting process

Answer / Solution

This feature provides the ability to change the set of quote defaults when starting a quote or in the middle of a quote. The agent will select the desired template from the drop down feature.

Once the template is selected - you will be asked to choose how you would like the template to be applied.

1) Overwrite Unmodified Fields

  • This selection will update all fields that have not already been changed with the desired quote template

2) Overwrite All Fields

  • This selection will update all fields even if agent has made a change with the desired quote template

3) Only change question layout.

  • The options allow the template to be changed in the middle of the quote if needed without losing already entered information.
  • Example: The new template selected may have specific attributes or questions hidden in additional attributes and these questions would be moved per template design.

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