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Last Update : 2015/08/20
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What are the entry fields Attr1 and Attr2 on the Drivers tab used for?

Answer / Solution

Attr 1 and Attr2 (attribute) entry fields:

  1. These are violation attribute entry fields that means something different depending on the violation selected.
  2. There are only 3 violations that will ask for entry:
    • Accident, At-Fault
    • DUI Alcohol/Liquor
    • Speeding
  3. For the Accident, At-Fault there are 2 entries to fill in:
    • Attr 1 is for the amount paid out on bodily injuring on the accident .
    • Attr 2 is for the amount paid out on property damage on the accident.
  4. For DUI Alcohol/Liquor there is only one entry, blood alcohol content level (Attr 1).  
  5. For Speeding there is only one entry, amount over the speed limit (Attr 1).
  6. Those violations that have both fields grayed out, there is nothing additional to enter.

NOTE:  Not all companies will use the Attr entries, but some will surcharge the violation more depending on what is entered and surcharged according to their underwriting guidelines.


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