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Illinois Custom Financing Setup
Last Update : 2019/06/25
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Illinois Custom Financing Setup

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To access Illinois Custom Financing, you need to have an Admin level login or to have been given access to your company group.

First go to Administration, and then select List Company Groups(if you are an admin login) or Edit Companies(if you have been given access to your company group).

Now, find Illinois Custom Financing, and place a check in the box to the left of it.  Now click on Additional Info to the far right.

Under the Custom Financing tab, you can set parameters for Annual and/or Semi-Annual policies:

  • Percent down - set the percentage
  • Number of Payments - set the number of payments
  • Add On Interest Rate - set the interest rate
  • Service Fee Breakdown - here you can set a service fee based on the ammount financed(up to 6 tiers)

After finishing this, click on OK, then Save Changes, and finally Exit Administration.

Now to access the Illinois Custom Financing payment plan, rate the customer to get to the Comparison tab, then hit Select next to one of the carriers(it does not matter which one).

This will take you to the Breakdown tab.  Now, go to the Breakdown menu at the top, and select Independent Financing.  Then, click on Illinois Custom Financing, and that will replace the payment plan with the one you set up.

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