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How the replacement cost valuation feature works
Last Update : 2017/03/21
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How does the Property Lookup feature work?

Answer / Solution

For those policies that include a replacement cost loss settlement provision, it is important to insure the home for the replacement value of the property, not necessarily the market value. 
To ensure your dwelling amount is adequate, TurboRater integrates with CoreLogic (formerly known as MSB), the leading provider in replacement cost valuations for home.

With the CoreLogic feature, you have access to two features:

  1. Unlimited valuation reports.  This is included with the base price.
  2. Property Prefill

To pull a valuation report:

  1. Enter the property address
  2. Complete the Property Information section
  3. Click the Replacement Valuation button
  4. Based on the address and the characteristics you have entered, CoreLogic will calculate a replacement cost amount, which will be entered into the Dwelling limit on the Coverages tab.

The Property Prefill feature is available at $1 per transaction.  This feature saves you significant time by:

  1. Allowing you to simply enter the property address,
  2. click Property Prefill, and
  3. The Property Information section AND the replacement cost dwelling amount will be prefilled


Check out the link below to learn how to activate CoreLogic in TurboRater today.


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