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NowCerts Agency Management System
Last Update : 2022/09/07
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Question / Issue
TurboRater supports two-way auto & home bridging with NowCerts Management System

Answer / Solution

NowCerts is a web based Agency Management System(AMS)

NowCerts is NOW integrating with TurboRater for Home and Auto!!!

What is required:

  • The TurboRater username will need to entered in both NowCerts program and TurboRater Agency Management Setup
  • Two-way communication is supported for both Auto & Home

NowCerts program setup:

Need to enter the TurboRater UserName in the NowCerts AMS Setup

  • Go to the top-right, then on Profile
  • Click Configure
  • Scroll down to section Raters - TurboRater
  • In the Username field, please add your TurboRater username

TurboRater program setup:

  • Click on Admin Settings on the bottom-left, then on AMS Options
  • Select Edit if one is already setup, otherwise on Add New AMS Option for new setup
  • If new setup - enter an Agency Management Option Name
  • Select both NowCerts and NowCerts Homeowners if not already selected
  • Select Additional Information option on the right side
  • Enter your TurboRater user name in the User name field
  • Click on Ok


Below is some links to video and instructions from NowCerts


NowCerts Support Number is 888-586-4792

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