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How does the Pay Plan selection work?
Last Update : 2018/01/16
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How does the Pay Plan selection work?

Answer / Solution

Pay Plan Type Selection on Comparison Screen.

  • Ability to select which pay plan type the agent wants to display on comparison screen.
  • Add ability to default pay plan selection in quote template.
  • Options will be

  1. Installments
  2. Installments EFT
  3. Paid in Full
  4. Paid in Full EFT
  5. Mortgadge Billed / PIF (only for Homeowner and Dwelling Fire)

You can set a default selection by

  1. Going to the Welcome menu then Preferences
  2. Choose Agency
  3. Go to Quote Entry
  4. Choose the Line of Business - Auto, Homeowners, etc.
  5. Now select the Default Payment Method
  6. Then hit Save, hit Save again, and then Close

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