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Last Update : 2015/09/18
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How do I set defaults for carrier questions?

Answer / Solution

How to Set the Default Carrier Questions:

  1. Go to the Administration Menu and choose Carrier Questions Defaults
  2. Select the Line of Business(Auto, Home, etc)
  3. Select the State if applicable
  4. Select the Location or All Locations if you want these defaults to apply to the whole agency
  5. Hit Save Changes, and then Exit Administration.

 Things to keep in mind about the carrier questions:

  • Whatever location you choose the list of companies will be a list of all companies turned on in all company groups associated with that location.
  • If you choose All Locations it will be a list of all companies turned on in any company group.
  • Carrier defaults only apply to new quotes.
  • Preexisting quotes will retain the same answers entered when the quote was created.
  • These are only defaults, answers for each individual quote can be changed if needed from the default to the appropriate answer on the Company Questions Tab.
  • When a new company is turned on, the carrier defaults will be used until you go in and modify the defaults for that carrier.
  • If the carrier changes the selections available, your default may be changed if the carrier removes the selection you had chosen as your default.
  • You can always revert all the questions to the carrier defaults by hitting the button Restore Carrier's Defaults

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